aws solutions architect roles and responsibilities

aws solutions architect roles and responsibilities

A solution architect is an AWS solutions Architect Certification holder, who is usually a part of the solution development team, has the responsibility of designing one or more services or applications within an organization. The solution architect is required to have both business and technical skills in the right balance. He or she will often have to work with an enterprise architect for strategic direction. The focus is mainly on the technical decisions regarding the solution and the impact they have on business outcomes. The information is used by the development team for implementation of a solution.

Solution architects require process as well as people skills. More often than not, they are required to explain complex problems to management in the simplest possible terms. They need to explain the same thing in a different manner, depending on their audience. Of course, they would have to understand the processes of the business well for creating a cohesive product vision. 

What does a Solutions Architect do?
The position of a solution architect is one of the most sought-after positions among developers. They are responsible for building and integration of computer systems and information for meeting specific needs. Typically, this involves the integration of hardware and software for meeting the customer-defined purpose. Examination of current systems and architecture is also one of their responsibilities. They work with technical and business staff for recommending solutions for more effective systems. 

The project involvement of the solution architect starts when the requirements are being developed by the computer systems analyst. Thereafter, their involvement continues throughout the rest of the project. The task of development is organized by them, motivating and guiding the development time during the systems development life cycle. Ultimately, their main responsibility is regarding the vision underlying the solution and how to execute that vision. 

A solution architect may also have to look after programming, testing, and integration of software systems and devices. They use processes that usually involve the selection of technology that is suitable for a problem. They also need to maintain a balance between enterprise concerns and architectural concerns. Most of the solution architects have years of experience in software development, which equips them with tools that can help them be more productive and effective. 

The main focus of a solution architect is on:
The use of technology for finding a solution to business problems
Which platform, framework or tech-stack should be used for the creation of a solution? 
The appearance of the application, what modules to use and the interaction between those modules. 
Scaling for future and its maintenance
Determining the risk associated with third-party platforms or frameworks
Finding solutions to business problems
The difference between an enterprise architect, a solution architect and a technical architect
Enterprise architects are responsible for building complex enterprise ecosystems and solving high-level strategic problems. The strategic directions of business architecture are defined by enterprise architecture. It provides an understanding of the technical facilities that are needed for supporting the architecture. 

The gap between technology solutions and business problems are bridged by solution architecture. The entire process is quite complex and it includes several sub-processes. It includes:

Finding which tech solution is the best for the solution of current business problems
Description of the characteristics, structure, behavior and other such software aspects to stakeholders of the project
Definition of the features, requirements, and phases of solution
Provision of specifications for defining, managing and delivering the solution. 
Technical architects, on the other hand, are primarily responsible for software architecture and engineering problems. 

A solution architect describes the use of different components of technology, information and business architecture for a specific solution. They address business problems by focusing on details and solution technologies. Hence, solution architecture serves as a channel between technical architecture and enterprise architecture. All these have to be combined effectively by companies for ideal solutions. 


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